There was no better time in my life to have these sessions with Doreen. I feel empowered to begin using what Doreen has taught me for my benefit and better my quality of my life. I am excited to due deeper into my spirituality and understanding of myself. I feel determined and excited for my future!

L.M., Boston

“I am so happy to and grateful to take this class to learn more techniques and meet new people. It feels so good to know that I have someone I can talk to and count on. Doreen, thank you so much for everything and for your help. You really helped me a lot...”

S.M., Newton

“Doreen is wonderful and a real pro…”

C.B., Newtonville

“The class taught helpful techniques and new perspectives. These were both helpful in lowering anxiety...”

C.G., Newton

“It made me aware of my choices. I did not have to live with worry all the time. I am able to give up some control. I am aware of what I can do to change my life in a positive way without worry and anxiety…”

M. H., Brighton

“I have tried so many things from traditional therapy to cognitive behavioral therapy. Doreen has brought it all together for me and taught me things that I can use now…”

L.B., Dedham

“I came away from the class realizing that I had more control over my life and my perceptions than I had realized. I think the class would be useful for anyone who wants to make changes in their lives but doesn’t know where to begin…”

J.R., Newton

“Doreen was wonderful! I really could relate to everything she taught us and learned some new coping mechanisms. I feel confident that I will be able to help myself when I am feeling anxious and will also be able to pass along what I have learned to other people…”

K.P., Brewster

“The class gave me the tools to take control of my anxiety. Also, it was very empowering to have a recovered anxious person lead the class…”

J.H., Jamaica Plain

“This class helped me through a big transition in my life as I about to move away to a new setting and new career. The tools I learned will help me in this transition and in my future…”

A.M., Nashua, NH

“I would have never moved from where I was if it was not for this group. I have been through doctors, medication, hospitals. This group has taught me and changed my life. I cannot say enough and would like to talk to anyone who would benefit from what I learned…

A.G., West Newton

“In the past 5 weeks, I feel that I’ve come a long way in being able to control my anxiety, my thinking, and my attitude toward life and everything I do. It has motivated me to continue working, particularly on spirituality issues which I often don’t take the time for. But, it is not always easy and will continue to take work…

C.G., Salem

“I was able to get a great deal of information to help me work with removing fear from my life. Having the class taught by someone who is living proof is wonderful!…”

N.S., Newton, MA