For the first twenty-five years of my life I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. After years of medication and counseling, I was no closer to understanding or overcoming my condition. I dedicated myself to years of research and by exploring different alternatives, I've developed a process that enables me to show others how to move past their current challenges with anxiety. I truly believe, with direction and support, anyone, given this guidance, will reduce their anxiety and panic. I can easily relate to those having this struggle. I've helped many people understand what anxiety is, and I work closely with individuals, helping them to create coping skills so they then can lead a more happy and productive life.

I am a Certified Life Coach and Reiki practitioner, and have overcome many obstacles throughout my life. I spent years searching for an alternative way to overcome anxiety and panic disorder, and I facilitate support groups, clinics, classes and workshops.

My coaching approach and what you can expect: I am not a therapist or medical specialist. I am a Certified Life Coach and am committed in assisting you achieve your goals. I work in the present time with my clients, not in the past, and I am not concerned on how you got here; I am here to help you clarify your goals, while supporting you through the entire process and making you accountable. You will always be moving in a forward direction.