Anxiety can make one feel isolated, fearful, overwhelmed, and without direction. Over 40 million people every year will suffer from anxiety disorders, and only a small number of these people seek help. Do not suffer in silence.

My approach to anxiety: Anxiety effects our whole-being. We need to work on all three levels; psychological, physical, and spiritual. We will expose the negative thought pattern and learn how to create positive balanced thoughts. You will learn this process and begin to integrate it into your life. You are what you think! You will come to understand what actually happens in your body while experiencing anxiety and all of its physical symptoms. This knowledge will bring a sense of relief. Once you understand the physical effects of anxiety, you won’t fear what you feel. We will be exploring spirituality, meaning, and purpose. By doing so, we will create a foundation and a new belief system. This will bring you a true sense of wholeness.